Treating diabetes with MicroDose System restores metabolic integrity for a large variety of metabolic conditions and diseases. MDS improves resting energy expenditures (resting metabolism) by a unprecedented 29%. (600 patients, 11 Centers, 7,500 treatments) MDS is supported by 21 publications using the MicroDose System and over 50 supporting publications specifically on microburst insulin.

Basic Science:

All biology scientists have studied the Krebs Cycle (Citric Acid Cycle). All agree that proper Krebs Cycle functions are fundamental to good health. Without the ability to metabolize properly, and properly process carbohydrates:

a) Metabolism converts to unhealthy lipid utilization.

b) Cells have less energy (approximately 30% loss of adenosine triphosphates – ATP).

c) Patients have elevated Free Fatty Acids which cause inflammatory cytokines and excess reactive oxidative species.

d) Transcription factors become problematic.

e) Maximum blood flow becomes significantly impaired.

f) Inflammatory cytokines inhibit wound and tissue repair.

g) Reactive oxidative species increase and interfere with normal cellular functions.

h) Nitric oxide becomes deficient and retention is impaired.

i) A milieu of comorbidities with "poor outcomes" take place due to metabolic deficiencies.

j) Thousands of hormone pathways become non-optimal or even counter-good-health.

MicroDose System:

a) reduces excessive inflammation and the above deficiencies.

b) restores optimal levels of ATP, and by

c) addressing the above deficiencies, the tissues and organs repair naturally.

Insulin Resistance is the hallmark of metabolic diseases and chronic illnesses including virus infections.

The result of metabolic unbalance and reduced levels of energy production of cells (via the mitochondria not having necessary enzyme levels) causes the large number of malaise as shown above. Recently, with the pandemic of COVID-19, something healthcare personnel have known for years has been verified and quantified. The so-called "long Covid" which is descriptive of post-Covid lingering malaise, lingering loss of smell, mental fog and basically the entire list of insulin resistance symptoms… are all the result of the loss of cellular energy and imbalanced metabolism. MicroDose System effectively treats and reverses these syndromes, basically 100% of the time as published in peer-reviewed clinical trials.

With MicroDose System, we no longer are unable to restore metabolism because we can now effectively induce massive changes and restoration of health where diet, exercise, can only make small and sometimes temporary improvements. We don't have to ignore the….

MicroDose System Effectiveness.

Now we effectively remedy, not ignore, the elephant of metabolism which scientists have only dreamed of accomplishing. The long-recognized central roll of balancing and restoring any carbohydrate metabolism deficiencies is something that has only been accomplished with the MicroDose System device and MicroDose System treatment protocols. MicroDose System delivers MicroDose System via an FDA cleared IV Infusion system. It is effective for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients, even for the most severely impaired patients who are near death.

MDS is currently the safe and effective way to treat the core problem of diabetes and many other chronic diseases, missing and unbalanced carbohydrate metabolism. MDS stops, retards and in clinically verified tests reverses the chronic complications of diabetes by restoring normal metabolic functions and eliminating unhealthy cellular activities. Metabolism is so complicated that Dr. Krebs received the Nobel Prize for describing only a very small part of it. It is reasonable that it has taken many years of work by the MicroDose System scientists to identify the missing triggers to induce proper metabolism and then provide those triggers to the human body (which requires the special infusion device, the MicroDose).

MDS has been steadily developing and is now a turn-key system with over 20 validation clinical trials and many supporting publications. Due to the lack of publications on this complicated subject, and the complexity of metabolism, the development of MDS has been an understandably slow process. However, as a result of extensive protocol adjustments, virtually every metabolic comorbidity has been studied and the MDS treatment protocols and methods adjusted for the different potential metabolic responses. The protocols are now stable with no known need for further work.

Restoring health by restoring "younger" metabolism

Insulin resistance is one key to metabolic diseases. MicroDose is a treatment which slows, stops and reverses complications of diabetes and other diseases with metabolic impact. We do this by mimicking what a normal pancreas signals to a normal liver, and normalized metabolism is the way your body repairs itself.

MicroDose treatment restores health by mimicking normal physiology. Please review our Clinical Trials and Publications

Our Health Mission

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How MDS Helps?

MicroDose System (MDS) is a revolutionary American FDA Approved insulin therapy which mimics insulin delivery of a normal pancreatic function. It is known as one of the most efficient ways to treat metabolic dysfunctions, prevent and reduce the severity and progression of complications caused by Insulin Resistance.

Numerous studies show that this insulin therapy can provide relief from the damage caused by severe complications which include PCOS, heart conditions, neuropathy, retinopathy, sores that don't heal and kidney-related ailments etc...